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I am Dr. Mahdi Moradi  (PhD), an environmental researcher and  working in the field of digital marketing for ecotourism and businesses worldwide.  



2015- 2019, PhD in Environmental Geochemistry.

 I was granted a scholarship from the Brazilian Government (CNPq) to study for my PhD in Federal University of Fluminense, Brazil. I finished my PhD course in Environmental Geochemistry in April 2019. During the course, I have studied the effect of bacterial stress and consortium of beneficial microorganisms on corals calcification and skeletal structures under global warming scenario.

2007-2010- M.Sc. in Marine Biology.

 I have a master’s degree in Marine Biology from the University of Hormuzgan, Iran, for which I have carried out intensive study on coral reefs of the Persian Gulf. I have published 6 papers from my previous works and am the co-author of a well-distinguished book on the Persian Gulf coral reef. 

2002-2007- B.Sc. in Environmental Health Engineering.

I was graduated in Environmental Health Engineering at Universities of Medical Sciences Kerman, Iran. I have a strong work experience on the impacts of human activities on environment and have a good knowledge and skill about water and wastewater characteristics, as well as air, soil and water pollution chemical examinations.


Digital Marketing in Ecotourism and environmental sciences

   During the past five years I have developed a strong passion for digital marketing specializing in ecotourism.  The Brazilian ecotourism market has proven to be an excellent training ground for me to gain experience in digital marketing tools including creating professional websites with high SEO rankings (search engine optimization), search engine tools within Google, promotion within Instagram and other social media platforms with a particular focus on video recording and editing using a range of software applications. 


   It is my belief that as scientists we need to increase our familiarity with digital promotion and the resulting connection with internet audiences.  Publishing important papers that are read only by a narrow audience of experts will be insufficient to help our planet.  People need to understand what we are doing and be moved to action on both the individual and societal and levels.  Smart digital promotion enables scientists to efficiently leverage their efforts and achieve a greater effect by gaining the interest of a much greater audience of both scientists and the general public. 

How Digital Marketing can helps environment?

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