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I am Dr. Mahdi Moradi, I have a PhD in Environment Geochemistr, graduated from Federal Fluminense University, Brazil in April, 2019.  I arrived to the Brazil in 2015 to do my PhD on coral Reef ecosystems but I found a huge passion about  Marketing Ecotourism through the Internet.


Then, I chose to help to ecotourism industry as a my second profession.  

Then, I am a

1- Marine Environmental researcher

2- Filmmaker and photographer

3- Web designer 

I help to ecotourism and hospitality companies (e.g. Hotels, Resorts, Inn and restaurants) to increase their sales and improve their quality of services. 

I  help them to have a professional presence on the social media and internet that meeting the demand of the customers. 


See this video  to know more about me.

When I was start to work with ecotourism companies,  I found that my scientific vision and  passion make me different from other companies that they are working about marketing digital. I got more motivations when I saw very good feedback from my costumers. Working with more than 300 ecotourism  companies during 4 years and reach to the expected results make me so motivated to  continue this new way in my life. 

Here some of my recent costumers that I work with them now;

My objectives; 

1- To combine Art and Science and use them to shows the beauty of nature in order to increase people's awareness to protect nature

2- To help people around the world, in order to feel, see and tough the beauty of nature.  

3- To help ecotourism companies in order to improve and increase their outputs


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