Digital Marketing & Engaging Video

 are Keys  

 to Promote

 Environmental Conservation




How social media platforms can help to promote environmental projects? 
Social networking sites such as; Instagram, Facebook and YouTube have become an important tool to industries and organizations in the world to promote their results, daily events and publications. More than three billion people are using social network platforms on regular basis. Everyday a billion of people share their pictures, videos, posts and personal idea on Instagram, Facebook, twitter and other social networking sites. Social sites are very strong and powerful instrument to help environment. Many of people are using social media platforms to post or share real time photos or videos about environmental issues.
However, environmental programs can have a bolder presence in internet, if connection and informing public is defined inside of project outlines. 
Digital marketing is a set of skills to use digital tools in the internet to achieve your business or personal marketing goals. You can promote your products and services in online platforms such  and social media networks thousands and millions times so faster than the traditional ways.
Research by WTO (the World Tourism Organization) has shown that the Internet is a major source of travel information for ecotourists. Ecotourism has been widely advocated as an economic tool for biological conservation and community development in recent decades. Fennell (2001) identified that where ecotourism takes place, conservation, culture, benefits to locals and education were the five most common elements cited in the 85 ecotourism definitions that he reviewed. Diamantis (2004) found that nature-based experiences, education and sustainable management were shared by various ecotourism definitions.  
The key solution to involve people (ecotourism) to the environmental projects is getting the people attention in the internet more than the current situation. Everybody knows about climate change but how much of daily attention of people are about the effect of global warming to their life?  Sexul contents and in the next steps, funny and political contents are getting the highest attention of public.  
We report scientific works as papers, but papers are not getting public attention. How many people read scientific papers during a year?  Scientific papers even are not attractive for students, most of students read papers because of their homework obligation.  
Most of the academic centers that are using social media platforms,  limit themselves to present the result of their findings in a simple and unattractive way. Even when they produce an engaging content, they are not able to get a high traffic to their video products in the internet because of unfamiliarity of digital marketing. 
Audiovisual products in science area are needed a revision and reform. Usually in a scientific audiovisual product, we show the results of one scientific research with no emotion as a same way that we do in a scientific paper. This traditional method to produce a scientific video is not so attractive for public. The personal life of one actor, comedian or youtube celebrity is getting more traffic in internet than to the videos about Bushfires in Australia or coral reef bleaching.
Why videos and news about environmental programs are not getting so attention in internet? 
As we already mentioned there are two fundamental problems about these audiovisual products; 
1- These products are not Engaging Video Content
2- Unfamiliarity with Digital Marketing 
These two factors (Attractive content and using Digital Marketing) in the environmental project videos will be so effective to involve people in the environmental conservation programs more. There is a law in the business and the social media world which says;  
Where Attention Flows, Money Follows
This is the reason that in the social media networks some people are ready to do everythings to any price to get public attention.  In order to provide an audiovisual content in the popular social media websites, it is not required to spend a high cost or modern equipments.  With some basic equipment we are able to produce an attractive and interesting scientific videos.  
Here is the list of equipment that I use to provide a professional audiovisual products to ecotourism companies in Brazil. I have camera Lumix G7 with 5 types of professional  lenses, DJI Ronin-M StabilizerGoPro Hero 7 Black with Shoot Underwater Lens Hood Dome, two Suptig Underwater Lights Dive  84 LEDZoom H6 Six-Track Portable Recorder and DJI Mavic Pro 2.


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